So, you want to sell your house and move into another? That’s a hard decision to make, so good job making a choice. Of course, when it comes to the sale itself – as well as the purchasing of a new home – you’ll have keep in mind which rooms are more valuable than others, so you can get the maximum satisfaction out of the entire process.

Not every room in a house is equally important. The definition of “important” changes from person to person, but it’s hard to deny that a home is only a home when it’s got all the right pieces in it.

The Bathroom

Obviously, bathrooms are meant to be clean, so make sure you thoroughly clear out your current one if you’re planning to sell your home. That doesn’t mean you need to rip all the plumbing out of the walls – just make sure there’s no stains, suspect smells or other indicators of heavy use anywhere.

When you’re moving into a new bathroom, it’s equally important to check the cleanliness and level of ‘use’ present in the fixtures, since a poorly-cleaned bathroom may be an indicator that the owners haven’t tried to clean up damage or wear much in other rooms as well.

The Kitchen

Another room you’ll have to keep an eye on is the kitchen since it’s something you unquestionably need in good condition. Always make sure to check the work surfaces to make sure they’re clean and usable, and keep an eye on the location and quality of the plumbing, especially if you use a lot of electric appliances – your kitchen needs to not only be sterile, but safe, too.

Selling a house with a dirty kitchen is all but impossible since it’s often the first room that any potential buyers will want to see. It’s fine to leave things looking ‘used’, but take a good look at it and see if it looks clean before preparing to sell your home – buyers won’t want to have to clean it out themselves before they can stock it up with food.

It’s also important to check how your potential new home’s plumbing is set out – you wouldn’t want water from the bathroom to be used in the kitchen, and vice versa. Remember to clear out all the cupboards containing food, too, in case it rots or goes off before the buyer can move in and use it.

The Bedroom

Being able to sleep comfortably in your new home is always a major deciding factor – and this doesn’t only mean the quality of the bed if one is included in the sale. Good insulation, clean walls and floors, a good average temperature and it being comfortably away from any other loud noises that could occur during daily life are all important features of a good bedroom, and in some cases, buyers may even turn a different room into the bedroom just because it seems more suitable.

When it comes to the location of the bedroom, there’s no preferred answer, but it’s up to the buyer to decide if they like the location of the bedroom as it is, or if they would rather be willing to pay a little extra to set up a bedroom elsewhere in the house.

Flooring is also a major factor when choosing or designing a nice bedroom, and although carpets may seem like the obvious answer, put some genuine thought into it. Maybe you’d prefer real wood planks or luxury vinyl tiles?  It’s up to you, but be sure you don’t overlook this often-forgotten part of your new bedroom.

Buying and Selling

All of these rooms matter for different reasons, and all are worth double-checking before you commit to buying or selling a house. The cleaner, safer and more functional they all are, the easier you’ll find to settle into a new home, especially one bought directly from it’s owners rather than an agency or agent.

Always remember that you can clean up these rooms yourself or even get your hands on some building supplies and fully renovate the house yourself! But if you’re going to buy a house directly, always make sure to keep an eye on the rooms that matter – you don’t want to end up hurting yourself, or ruining your house, over something as minor as a malfunctioning toilet or bath.

By Caty