Radiators can often go unnoticed. It’s commonly accepted that though they can be a little uneasy on the eye, and sometimes that they get in the way of a room’s layout, often finding themselves behind sofas or other furniture, that they are essential within the home. Although they are a much needed heating source for the home, they no longer have to cause upset. There have been significant improvements in the offerings available, allowing flexibility and a personal touch.

More and more people are choosing to rip away the old radiators and replace them with vertical models, designer units, or antique ones. Whether you’re considering changing your radiators due to wear and tear, or you’re just sick of your current ones and want something more suited to your home, there are a few things to consider.

modern radiators

Most modern radiators work independently of the gas central heating and are powered by electricity, making them easier to move and install than ever before. There are no pipes or waterworks to be considered, allowing you to change the position of radiators to utilise the most space within your room. These are great for their flexibility, but can cost a little more to run.

If you already have a central heating system in place and your current radiators are plumbed in to this, it can be a little harder to start moving the location of the radiators. You can still change the look though, by simply replacing the old unit with a newer model. You’ll have to plumb this back into the original pipework.

When it comes to choosing a radiator you’ll need to consider what it is made out of. Some metals are going to stay warm for a lot longer than others, making them more cost efficient to run, however, they will often be more expensive to buy. Aluminium is the most effective, but steel and iron models look great, especially within traditional decor homes. You’ll also have to choose between single and double panel units. Single panels are great for saving space and looking sleek, but they won’t generate as much heat as a double.

Having said all of this, modern radiators will often work almost identically to the older models, the main selling point is the design aspect. With a vast range of models and colours available from companies like CNM Online, you’ll be able to tailor your radiator to the look and feel of your home. Designer doesn’t always have to mean expensive, some of the radiators available won’t cost you much more than a standard model.

By Caty