How to pick the perfect Hand Knotted Oriental Rug

When it comes to purchasing the right hand knotted oriental rugs, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you get exactly what you are seeking. Hand knotted rugs by their very nature are not going to be machine perfect, but that is part of their charm. The advice here is primarily for oriental rugs, but it can also apply to Persian rugs as well.

The Characteristics of Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs

There will always be a little irregularity even in the best hand knotted rugs. This is because the time honored process which is done by hand uses devices that are not precise, but actually add the character of the creator into the process. These irregularities are not defects, but merely the characteristics of the hand-crafted process that was used.

Hand Knotted Oriental Rug

Lies Flat on the Floor: A good rug will lie flat and straight with no raised areas or knots that create bulges in the rug itself. This means that you should get a high quality product when purchasing a hand knotted rug.

Lively Appearance: The materials used will create a warm, lively look to the rug is unlike its machine counterparts. The colors will be very balanced with no fades or bleeding and it will be finished in an intelligent manner so that it does not appear either washed out or unnatural in its look.

Sophistication: Finally, the best type of oriental rugs will have a sophisticated quality to them that is unlike any other. You see the quality and craftsmanship that can only come from a hand-made rug.

How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Home

Now that you know what the general characteristics are for hand knotted rugs, the next step is finding the right one for your home. [Read more…]