3 Hidden Ways Deep Housecleaning Protects Your Investment

Trying to put your house on the market? Dreaming about a big payday? Believe it or not, the way your house looks is going to determine how much you can sell it for. Imagine two houses, if you will. The first house is run down, with peeled paint and dusty windows. The yard isn’t well done, with lots of weeds and rotting vegetables off to the side. The flowers are all wilted and withering, and flies are buzzing around. The interior of the home isn’t much better, with lots of cracked windows, dust, dirt, mildew, and clutter. Sound appealing yet? Probably not.

But let’s look at the second house. The sellers knew that they wanted to go ahead and put the house on the market, but they also wanted to get the maximum amount of money available. This meant that they wanted to clean the house from top to bottom, fix a lot of the obvious and even not so obvious problems, and basically get the house looking as good as possible.

When you clean up your home, you’re protecting your investment. No one wants to lose money on a house deal, but they might not know how to actually protect the investment they worked so hard to get in the first place. There are ways to protect your home, and we’ll outline them in this guide. How many ways, you might ask? Well, there are essentially three ways deep cleaning protects your investment.

Deep Housecleaning

1. Keeps Negotiation On Your Side

When buyers come to a cluttered house filled with things they have to repair, there’s one thing they think before anything else: they’re about to get a bargain. If they’re in the market to buy and you’re in the market to sell, it’s up to the most prepared person. They already have their money source in place, and they’re looking to take a house off someone’s hands. You’re thinking about getting the most amount of money for the home. If you don’t have the house looking nice, they will try to save as much money as they can. This is especially the case if there are major repairs that have to be made.

2. Prevents Further Damage

Let’s say that there’s a leak in the house that you don’t immediately find. It might be a few drops here and a few drops there, but over time those drops add up. They can add to your water bill, as well as damaging valuable surfaces. It would be difficult to replace part of a structure that’s rotted out due to water damage. The best thing you can do is start a housecleaning project early, so you have time to catch these repairs before they get too costly. Uncover all of the floor space and really check for cracks, chips, leaks, and anything else that catches your eye. Some people have even found animal nests in their home, which means that they could have a really costly problem if they let it go unchecked. [Read more…]